Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Fun Blast to the Past

I love the Renaissance Festival. Last year Z and I went and dressed as pirates. He actually seemed to remember and when I told him we were going this year he squealed with delight and asked right away if he could wear his pirate costume! Luckily it still fit. I made it with a few thrift store finds and altered to suit. Snipped the black stretch pants to look "well-worn", altered the sleeves on a fun, somewhat frilly dress shirt, and turned a pair of red leather pants into a vest. Add a pirate hat, belt with sword, treasure bag and some pirate "bling" and you've got the cutest pirate ever! Even Green Green Monkey got in on the action in full pirate regalia =) Guess I'll have to scour the thrift stores again to make sure we'll have one that fits next year. Maybe we'll go for full-on, fancy, Capt. Jack style!

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