Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween Jack


He's finished!!!! It only took six... or seven years! Ok, so it didn't really take *that* long. But I did start him in 2001 and just had a hard time completing the project. I had done the whole inside part and left off the border, then put him away and promptly forgot about him. And I know myself better now, I should have started at the top and just worked down like a normal person, but I get so excited I need to see the "face" completed. Once I do, I am done. When I do drawings or anything with faces and I complete the face (and sometimes just the eyes) I can't seem to get any further. So, I try to work on the piece as a whole now, or else, I know I'm doomed.

Anyway, I found him by accident not too long ago and decided he needed to be completed for this halloween. He was made by doing a sketch on 16x20 paper, then the outline was traced onto the latch-hook canvas. I blocked out the rough color areas but just sorta felt my way through the details since I didn't transfer any color marks to the canvas. Ta-da! Nice to have you completed Jack!


Dot said...

you'll have a whole post to yourself on dabbled tomorrow :)

This is really fun!


Jacynthe said...

Well done!! I love Nightmare Before Christmas. Some projects just take a little longer than we anticipate... :)

Lisa said...

NICE job on the shading! impressive