Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monster Hooded Towel

front flat - monster hooded towe

Totally not inventing the wheel here... but thanks to one of my favorite crafty bloggers I knew I'd have to give this a shot. I found some nice towels on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond a few days ago and was purposefully looking at the green ones since it's Z's favorite color. I had forgotten about the post Regina from Creative Kismet had done months ago but when I picked them up for some reason it was kinda like a thump on the forehead, *thunk* and brought it flooding back. It couldn't be more perfect with all the halloween crafting I've been doing too, fits right in.

boo - monster hooded towelback - monster hooded towesitting - monster hooded towe

Z likes it. Although, I think It needs a few modifications. The hood (made from a hand towel) is a bit too large and completely engulfs his head. I made some plain hooded towels with IKEA towels/handtowels and the proportions seem to be more user friendly. Plus, I'd like to embellish a little more by adding claws to the edges. Giving myself ideas... back to the drawing board!


Jacynthe said...

I've made these towels for 9 years now. Mine are very plain... but my 9 year old and 6 year old still use them! They are so fun. I love how you added the details.

Regina said...

Hey there!! This looks great and your little guy is super cute!!

Wow! You are really ahead of the game! Halloween stuff already! Good for you. I always say I'm not going to procrastinate, but I always do. You've inspired me to get going.