Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hand Made Felt Cookies

Well, I managed to squeeze one last post in for 2008!

Z got some really cute food sets for Christmas from the Grandmama. I couldn't resist making him a set of felt cookies to go with it. I got this idea from someone on Etsy and tried to find them to give credit and now the set I used as reference has disappeared. So who ever you are, thank you! =)... Ooohhhh! I found her! Look here she has lots of other play food items as well.

The set consists of a heart shape cookie cutter, a slab of "dough" and four "baked" cookies. The other items in the pictures are pieces that came with the sets he got for Christmas and the mini spatula and bake pan I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond. (which he can use to help me when we really cook.)

cookies2 Cookies1

To make your own set you'll need:
Heart shaped cookie cutter (@ 3")
2 pieces of creme colored felt (for dough)
1 piece of tan felt (for baked cookies)
felt for icing (your choice of color, can use scraps)
buttons, seed or bugle beads for sprinkles (optional)
matching embroidery floss for all colors above.

Pin the 2 sheets of creme felt together and trim around the edges to round corners and make random curves. (like you've rolled out the dough). Use the cookie cutter as a template and mash into the "dough" to give you an impression to cut by. Carefully cut out 4 sets of heart shapes, make sure to cut through both layers. Sew pieces together with matching embroidery floss.

Fold tan felt in half lengthwise (should have a 12x4.5" rectangle). Use cookie cutter again to cut out 4 sets. Using cutter as a guide cut out 4 pieces in icing color slightly smaller than cookies and trim in wavy shapes. Sew icing to front of one cookie piece with matching embroidery floss and add sprinkles with clear or matching thread. Place on back of cookie and sew together with tan embroidery floss leaving an opening to stuff. Do not overfill cookie, continue sewing shut. (You could sew with a machine as well, I chose to hand sew everything.)

Voila! Roll out the dough, punch out the cookies, bake and serve. Perfect cookies every time!



Regina said...

That set is so adorable!! It really looks like dough and baked cookies!!

I'll have to remember this for my nieces next year! I love it!

I hope you have a wonderful new year filled with lots happiness, love and creativity!

Dot said...

I love love love this idea!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!! And really realistic!!

A Frugal Friend said...

I am gonna give this a try for Valentine's Day for my little one.....thank you for the idea!

A Frugal Friend said...

I'm writing a post on frugal valentine crafts and loved your cookies - I'll be linking to you this week if you don't mind!!

Frugal Homemaker said...

Love your cookie set. I'm making one for my youngest daughter for Valentine's Day. I added a link to your post in a post on my blog.
Adventures in Frugal Homemaking

Pink & Green Mama said...

Adorable set !!! I think I'll whip one up for my girls today :) YAY!!!!

pink and green mama