Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Favorite from the 70's

A friend had this album when we were kids and we listened to it so much that I can still recite most of it to this day. We would sit under a blanket fort with our flashlights and scare ourselves silly. I had forgotten all about it until last year a drive through Arkansas and Louisiana had me contemplating the old plantations and beautiful old mansions that were an inherent part of the deep south. Then the Narrators voice popped into my head and I was soon smiling and wondering if my friend still had that old album. I called her up and she laughed and told me she didn't have it, and she always thought that it was mine anyway... hmmm. Who knows what happened to it. But as luck would have it... and through the magic of the world wide web, it still exists!

I found this fun site where the author reminisces about the album too. Too funny.

So without further ado, I present to you Halloween Horrors. Take a listen and giggle along... I mean sit in a well lit area and try not to pee your pants with fright! =) LISTEN NOW Enjoy!

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