Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day - Fun with rocks

Who knew rocks could be so cool?

When Z was 2 we went out to eat breakfast for Mother's Day. Of course there was a wait so we sat outside to enjoy the nice day while we waited. Zion picked up a rock from the parking lot and gave it to me as my present. At first I thought, great, I must have been a bad mom this year. You know, it was a little like getting coal in your stocking.

I put the rock in my pocket and took it home. Later I placed it on a little tray in the bathroom and laughed about it. Then as time went by I was given pinecones, dandelions and random other artifacts all of which got displayed on that little tray. Over the years, however, the most consistent show of affection was with rocks. I began to realize just how special that first rock really was and I was so glad I put it in my pocket that day.

Rocks are plentiful around the house nowadays. They are proudly displayed in jars and little vignettes. They have a special place in my heart because a little boy shows me how much he loves me each time he picks out a rock for me.

Today was totally awesome because we went searching for a special rock together. I told him once he picked it out I'd like him to decorate it for me this year. He decided it needed to be a bumble bee. We found just the right one, he painted and I made the wings. A labor of love I will cherish forever!

Happy Mother's Day!


amyc said...

Heather, I loved this post. When i read, "he painted and I made the wings," I immediately thought, how poetic and appropriate. He creates his identity and you, his mom, give him the strength in his wings to fly.

Glad you had a good mother's day. :)


Regina said...

So sweet! I love that bee. We may have to make some for our yard.