Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Books II

I've had a request to do another Halloween Book round up and I'm happy to oblige!

The first book "The Dangerous Alphabet" is not so much a Halloween book as it is a creepy tale by one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman. Follow along as two children and their pet gazelle travel on a journey underground with plenty of trolls, zombies, ghosts and many other strange creatures.

I haven't read these next two, but loved flipping through the pages and just looking at them.

"The Halloween Kid" I love the simplistic color pallet and graphics. It mimics a retro screen print look and evokes memories of days gone by. It is absolutely adorable.

"Ghosts in the House" Again few colors are used and the graphics are fairly simple. This one looks like wood cuts or etchings with tissue paper overlay.

If you have children, then no doubt you are familiar with "Good Night Moon." "Good Night Goon" is a delightfully hilarious spin-off using the same simple rhyme style. But the sweet little room is now a tomb and other fun changes like three little bears sitting on chairs are now three little mummies rubbing their tummies. I couldn't help but chuckle as read through. It's a perfect addition to the Halloween library.

"A Vampire is coming to dinner!" is a fun contradictory book where each page tells you a "rule" for how to handle Vampires. Like "put out the welcome mat" which everyone knows very well NOT to do - (if you don't invite a Vampire in, he can't get past the threshold). But when you open up page to reveal the illustration it's a fun twist on the rule and more appropriate to how we expect to handle Vampires (through recent Vampire lore anyway). In the " put out the welcome mat" scene there is a welcome mat at the front door for sure, but a bucket of paint (or holy water?) hanging above it, so when he comes in he gets doused. The illustrations are charming and the adventure through the book is sure to get lots of giggles.

"Scardy Cat Splat" is a fun new day in the life of Scardy Cat. My son has been fascinated with Scardy Cat since pre-school and this time he is trying to come up with the spookiest costume for the school Halloween party. It is a fun ride with all the silly, Scardy Cat antics.

There you have it! The Halloween book round up. I'd love to hear what you think about these books! Happy Halloween!


Jacynthe said...

Oh you are the best!!!!! I'll look these up at the library this week! Thanks so much!!

Regina said...

cool! these look great. Thanks!