Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life Saving Sanity Tip #41

One thing I can't stand is a stinky trash can. Indoors is bad enough, but the big curbside trash can that sits in the garage all week, festering with rotten who-knows-what. Our trash pick up is Friday morning, and wouldn't you know I planned salmon for dinner friday night. Now we get to smell that funk all week. Well not anymore. Thanks to my Life Saving Sanity Tip #41. (I'm not sure what the 40 are before it... and I am not sure it's really life saving, but I have found it to be quite helpful!)

Anyway, Tip #41 is this: Keep a bag, either the ziplock you pulled the stinky causing carcass out of, or a grocery bag in the freezer that you can keep all of the weeks remains. Set an alarm on your smart phone to go off after dinner on the night before your trash comes (especially if you are the type to go racing out to meet the garbage man in your underwear first thing in the morning). 

Now you have a weekly reminder to get the bag out of the freezer and put in the garbage and it doesn't have a chance to simmer outside. It might be a good time to go through the rest of the fridge and freezer and throw out other questionable foodstuffs too.

There you go!  I hope you will embrace the sanity that comes from this helpful tip! =)

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