Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Game


Pin the Fangs on the Vampire
A fun Halloween spin on the old traditional
“Pin the Tail on the Donkey“ game.

I saw this a few years ago on DIY show called "Creative Juice" and thought it was so cute. We are having a big neighborhood halloween party next week and this will be a fun game for the kids in between munching on all the candy. I made a few modifications to their great design and have made a more user friendly pdf with all the elements on a few pages rather one page for each element. But if you'd like to see where the idea originally came from check it out. They show lots of other fun halloween games and decorations as well.

16" x 20" frame

spray mount

sticky back hook and loop tape (such as Velcro)

spray fabric glitter

one package of 36“ x 36“ red felt (background and mouth)

9“ x 12“ felt in the following colors:

1 piece beige (face, ears and hands)

1 piece black (eyes, hair and pants)

1 piece white (fangs and eyes) 

2 pieces green (cape and eyes)

1 piece purple (cape collar)

2 pieces blue (jacket)

clear rhinestones (eyes)

red rhinestones (buttons)

Fabric-Tac glue

1. Remove the cardboard backing from the picture frame, and trim a piece of red felt to 18“ x 22“ to fully cover the backing. Using spray adhesive, spray the cardboard backing, and mount the felt to the cardboard, leaving some overhang. Smooth out any wrinkles, and place the felt-covered backing back in the frame.
2. Using templates provided, cut out the shapes, and glue into place using Fabric-Tac glue. NOTE (not on template): Cut one green 9 x 12 in half to have two 4.5 x 12 strips and angle to match purple cape sides. Use one full blue 9 x 12 felt sheet for each arm/side Angle 9" side to match cape hood and roll end inward to create the sleeves.
3. Once all pieces are glued into place, add rhinestones to accent the vampire's eyes and as buttons for his jacket.
Optional — Add spray glitter for flare. (I may have gone overboard with this part) If using spray glitter allow about one hour of drying time before playing.
4. Attach strips of sticky back hook and loop tape to each set of fangs using only the “hook“ portion of the hook and loop tape.
5. Hang on the wall for hours of fun.


Z sure likes it! Hope the other kids do too! Enjoy!

I have entered this on Check out all the other great Halloween posts there too.


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I love him, H! I think the kids will have great fun with their new friend!

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