Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Happy Meal" Ornaments

1 Toys

If you've got kids then you have happy meal toys... ok, unless you are a super diligent-never-give-in-parent that eats healthy, home cooked meals all the time. =) So it doesn't have to be "happy meal toys" it can be any little toy made of hard plastic... I just found that, even before I had a little one, I had lots of happy meal toys about. They used to decorate my desk, car and knick-knack shelves. Now they abound in toy boxes, on stairways and still in my car!

I came up with a creative way to put them to good use a few years back and now that I have this blog it's the perfect time and place to share this little "happy meal toy ornament" tutorial.

All you need is:
Small eye hooks

2 heating eye hook

FIRST: Heat up the threads of the eye hook with your lighter, not too long, just long enough to get it hot enough to sink into and melt the plastic a bit. That way there is no need to drill holes and the plastic will melt and conform around the threads for a very secure hold. (Be careful with this step and please don't burn yourself).



NEXT: Place eyehook in posistion on the toy. Use pliers to screw in hook while it's hot as far as it will go. Let cool.

5 tree

LAST: Put hangers through the hooks and hang on tree. Step back and admire your handiwork and drink some hot chocolate. =)

OPTIONAL: For a more festive look decorate the ornaments with paint, glitter, jingle bells, santa hats. etc.

Here's to clearing your floor of toys and creating wonderful holiday memories!


belle said...

super cute and much better than our just tie some yarn on method , thanks for sharing

Bethany said...

This is a GREAT idea! My kids have their own tree and this would be a great way to make ornaments for them. Thanks for the tutorial.

The Phantom Moon said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

goldfine said...

Love it! Never would have thought of attaching a hook that way. Brilliant!

Matt said...

That's a handy way to attach a hook. Also a good way to recycle some of the older Happy Meal toys.

Whaupwit said...

ARG! Those toys make my head hurt, not to mention my feet when I find one in the dark (ooof!). Thanks for this idea. The plastic piles will finally start to shrink.

Becky said...

So smart and cute. Time for a late night McD's run for Happy Meals for the grown ups!

Thanks for sharing!

anne-isis said...

what a funny idear !

Anonymous said...

Awesome hook idea. My daughters tree will be covered with ornaments next year :)

Dot said...

These are so much fun! And a great use for those toys that clutter up the place...

Hey, did you take any pictures of the Little Game Box you made? I'd love to show it off on Dabbled.


Corinne said...

Wonderful !!! I love it.

grblog said...

Heather- thanks for commenting on! I surfed over here to check out your uber-craftiness, and I love this ornament idea.I hope you'll let me refer back to this great idea next holiday season! Craft on, Jenny

Nico said...

My three year old son is a huge fan of IronMan. I was just looking for some IronMan ornaments that may be sold at my local stores. found a few for a nice penny, then I thought maybe I could make one out of the many IronMan figurines he has. First got permission from little man, searched pinterest, and found your tutorial. Awesome! thanks so much.

Carrie S. said...

Does the size of the screw eyes matter?