Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Garland

It seems I am a little short on Easter decorations. My son asked why we don't have very many decorations for Easter when we're decked out for all the other holidays. So, to rectify that situation and to have some fun crafty time with him I came up with this quick Easter Garland.

All you need are:
plastic eggs (you have tons right?)
pretty beads (again the stash is overflowing, yeah?)
Dremel with small drill bit (optional. makes it way easy, but you could use a hammer and nail. hammer from the inside out on a piece of wood so you don't crack the egg)
long tapestry needle (optional. any needle will do, a long one just helps go through the whole egg without having to break it apart and then put it back together)
string or ribbon

Drill a hole in each end of the egg. There should be a small indentation to use as a guide for where to drill.

Next, thread the needle with as much string needed to cover the length of where the garland will be placed (or to fit as many eggs available, accounting for the beads in between).

Start stringing! This is a great activity for wee ones (just be careful with the needle). Z loved making patterns with the different colors. We started with beads and did 7 beads, egg, 7 beads, egg... and so on. It's up to you, depending on your needs. Tie off each end in a loop so you can hang it from a nail or tack.

Hang it up and enjoy. This really is a super simple project and a great way to give those eggs a beautiful new life!

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