Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Felt Cookies Revisited - Easter Egg Cookies

Several months ago I received a sweet email asking about my felt cookie tutorial and if I would be interested in having my post linked to on her site. That email came from Callye Alvarado of the Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle. She makes the most unbelievably gorgeous cookies - real edible ones - unlike the playthings I have concocted!. I was so blown away by her site that I scoured through it for hours and visit it almost on a a daily basis, because she has new posts almost every day. I'm completely obsessed with her creations and crazy envious of her skill! Check her out!

This post is per her request for a more in-depth tutorial for the the felt cookies and since Easter is a few days away she asked for an Easter themed set. You could apply the same steps for almost any holiday or occasion and make a completely custom set of cookies!

Without further ado!

You'll need:
Egg shaped cookie cutter (or you could use a round cutter and gently reshape it)
2 12X9" pieces of creme colored felt (for dough)
1 12x9"piece of tan felt (for baked cookies)
felt and ric-rac for decorative "icing" (your choice of colors, can use scraps)
buttons & beads for more elaborately decorated eggs (optional)
matching embroidery floss for dough and baked cookies
fabric glue
polyfil (or stuffing)


Pin the two sheets of creme felt together and trim around the edges to round corners and make random curves. (like you've rolled out the dough). Stay fairly close to the edges so you have plenty of room for four cookie cutouts. These measurements could be altered to make more or less cookies, I think four make a nice set.

Use the cookie cutter as a template and mash into the "dough" to give you an impression to cut by. Carefully cut out 4 sets of cookies from the "dough", make sure to cut through both layers.

Sew each set of cookie cutouts and the surrounding dough together using a blanket stitch with matching embroidery floss.


Use the cookie cutter to make a template on a scrap of lightweight cardboard (raid your recycle bin for a cereal box). Trace the cutter and add about 1/8 to 1/4" extra all around. Cookies expand when they cook you know!

Using template cut out four sets of "cooked cookies" from the darker felt.

Now comes the really fun part - decorating the cookies! =) Use scraps of felt, ric-rac, buttons, beads - you name it and layout designs on your cookie. I used a yellow scrap of felt and two sizes/colors of ric-rac for simplicity. Think about how you like to decorate real eggs and be creative... you could even use felt "icing" all over the top of the cookies like I did with the heart cookies. Or use a completely different color of felt for the entire cookie itself - like a dyed egg!

Use fabric glue or tacky glue to adhere the pieces (or sew them if you use buttons, etc.)

Place on back of cookie and sew together (again with a blanket stitch) with matching floss leaving an opening to stuff. Do not overfill cookie, continue sewing shut.

Voila! Place in an Easter basket with a rolling pin and get ready to whip up some deliciously fun Easter "treats" with the little ones!

Thank you Callye!


maura trujillo said...

muy bonito

Regina said...

I love this idea! I've been meaning to make a set for a my nieces.

Ani said...

That is super cute! I love felt, perhaps I'll have to make something like this some day. Thanks for your informative tutorial.

Heather Sitarzewski said...

Thank you all!

Regina, they are so much fun to make... I'm running out of little ones to give them to! =)

Ani, give it a try! They are so simple! Felt is awesome, so nice to work with!

I'd love to see anything that you all make! =)Thanks again!