Monday, June 30, 2008

Green efforts

Going green is not a new topic, but wow! It's a very hot topic in the media these days. I couldn't be happier. I love reading about all the green efforts and seeing what others post on their blogs to help save the planet. I have been a diligent recycler for years and have recently discovered the world of thrifting and repurposing... well, come to think of it maybe I was on to something at age 8 when I would use cardboard boxes to build barbie houses then decorate using toothpaste and mouthwash caps for lamp shades and deconstructing milk cartons into couches, chairs and beds... I found this book in a thrift spree many months back, writing this post reminded me. Wish I'd had this book way back when. Alas, I digress.


I was really going for showing off my beautiful cherry tomato plant! I ate the first ripe one yesterday and it was delicious. Best of all it was grown right here, on my very own porch (*sigh* and wishes for a real backyard)! I can hardly wait for the 18 or so new little green balls to turn red. Don't laugh. I've never considered myself much of a green-thumb but a friend has turned me on to the wonderful world of hydroponics and aquaponics. Neither of which are new concepts, but with going green and organic topics being all the rage they have been popping up as well, and I am fascinated. The porch really isn't conducive to hydroponic growing... or any kind of growing. I am doing well to have the tomato plant in it's sad pot. So for now I'll keep reading up on hydroponic gardening and continue to visit the local farmers market. This week we scored with some beautiful kale, fennel, sugar snap peas and scallions.

I'll have to check into the local CSA's as well. Here is a great link with list of CSA's and other food sharing programs around the country listed by state.

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